National Discipline Awards

National Discipline Awards

In response to Ambassador Yuchengco''s call to instill national discipline in the country''s youth, the AY Foundation established the National Discipline Award in 1990. The award aims to give recognition to graduating high school students who consistently exemplify the virtue of discipline in school and in the community. Since its inception, the award has been conferred to more than 11,000 high school graduates from more than 1,200 high schools nationwide. Although not a scholarship program, the National Discipline Award encourages its recipients to pursue their studies. Aside from a gold medal, awardees receive a cash award of Php 7,500.00 to help defray their college tuition.

The National Discipline Award is an affirmation of AY Foundation''s commitment towards the advancement of our nation, as we believe that "the youth are the hope of our fatherland."

Search Guidelines


Participating schools are urged to conduct a proactive search for possible nominees by making all students and teachers aware of the search through announcement in student council meetings and faculty meetings. Every school must follow a two-level selection process in conducting the search.



The first level selection involves all 4th year students and all subject teachers. The President of the Student Council calls all 4th year students to cast their nominees for the award through secret balloting. The Head of the Faculty also conducts a similar nomination process involving all subject teachers. The top nominees will then be submitted to the Final Screening Committee for further deliberation.

On the second level, a higher screening body will deliberate on the merits of the top nominees submitted by the preliminary screening committee. It is recommended that the Final Screening Committee be composed of the following individuals:

  1. Principal / School Director (as the Head of the Committee)
  2. Guidance Counselor
  3. Prefect of Discipline / Grievance Committee Head
  4. Class Adviser / Values Teacher
  5. Curriculum Chairman / Academic Coordinator

The Final Screening Committee must verify the background of each and every nominee and may subject the nominees to a panel interview, on the spot home visit and/or interview of family and peers.

The final choice of the school must then be communicated to AY Foundation for confirmation.


Each participating high school is allowed to select only one official nominee for the year. The school''s official nominee must be a graduating student who, on the judgment of the Screening Committee, best exemplifies the following traits:

    • Gives rather than takes
    • Reaches out to others and sacrifices personal advantages for the good of those who are in need
    • Labors for the good of the family, classmates and friends, for the good of the school and for the good of the country.
    • The student is generous with his time, talent and possessions, sharing those things with others
    • The student has determination and will power to overcome hardships
    • The student may be poor but works to get through school
    • The student may be handicapped but is persevering
    • Could be the last, lowest and least on the team, but never stops trying
    • Stands for his own convictions, even when these convictions are not popular
    • Honest in the classroom, campus and at home
    • Does assignments consistently, does not cheat in examinations and earns marks that are received
    • Does not sacrifice principles for personal gains
    • Stands for what is just and right
    • Outstanding in sportsmanship and fair play
    • Works hard to develop his God-given talents
    • Respects the laws of the country, the school regulations, club rules and expectations of his friend
    • Never resorts to drugs, alcohol, or to any immoral behavior
    • Stabilizing factor for peace and harmony in the classroom, in the campus and at home.

It is the prerogative of the Screening Committee to adopt its own "point system" with respect to the above-mentioned basic criteria for the selection process.


School Year No.of Awardees
1990 - 1991 48
1991 - 1992 171
1992 - 1993 231
1993 - 1994 287
1994 - 1995 384
1995 - 1996 361
1996 - 1997 396
1997 - 1998 444
1998 - 1999 445
1999 - 2000 502
2000 - 2001 500
2001 - 2002 500
2002 - 2003 501
2003 - 2004 500
2004 - 2005 591
2005 - 2006 599
2006 - 2007 599
2007 - 2008 597
2008 - 2009 600
2009 - 2010 600
2010 - 2011 617
2011 - 2012 602
2012 - 2013 620
2013 - 2014 628
2014-2015 649
TOTAL 11, 972

For more information, you can download our forms below: NDA Nomination Form back page
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